Thank You Final Fantasy


The Final Fantasy series is reaching its 30th anniversary by 2017. What started as a wishful thinking game is now one of the juggernauts when it comes to the JRPG genre. While the series is considered to have some questionable choices and have had its downs over the years, no one can deny its existence and its worth being in the hall of fame in the case there would be such a thing in the world of videogmes. We are also saying this as well since for the time being and maybe finally, this will also be the last post for this website. We maybe back or we maybe not but its a shame that we weren’t able to fill up more content.

This website has had over thousands of articles pertaining to Final Fantasy, Square and some anime on the side. The four years that we had is truly good but of course the site will still be up for you to read up old content. Anyway, let’s get back to the Final Fantasy series. Just as we stated, the FF series have had its ups and downs but its still getting better than ever. Its upcoming titles World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV are looking pretty good. FF 15 in general has been one of the most anticipated games to come and with nearly 10 years in production

Final Fantasy started out as somewhat a last resort where the man himself Hironobu Sakaguchi bet his life on. If the game would fail, then the series wouldn’t be where it was today. Luckily the success of FF 1 in 87 brought about the rise of the series. In the first six installments, the games have pretty much appeared in Nintendo consoles. It was then from FF 7 until the recent installments that the games have appeared in Sony consoles as well as going multiformat but Nintendo hasn’t had any main series game for a long time.

There are side games released for Nintendo consoles and handhelds but of course the main series games have since invaded other consoles. While other videogame franchises have slowly been fading out, it looks like FF isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The success of FF 15 will probably have an impact on the series moving forward. This is like mostly what Square always does before having a hit. Just like with FF 1, FF 7 and FF 10 which all had tremendous investments but had nice pay offs in the long run. The future of Final Fantasy like any other videogame franchise is pretty much uncertain. However if you really like the series then it can go to the distance. We hope you enjoyed reading our content and we maybe back sometime in the future but you can still read our old content. We thank you and good day.

Final Fantasy Fun Facts 55

Let’s continue with the FF Philippine Portal’s Final Fantasy Fun Facts. This time we’re taking a look at Cloud Strife’s interesting and fun trivia as well as allusions in the Dissidia games.

Cloud Strife Dissidia Fun Facts


  • Depending on his outfit, the name of his Ex Mode will change since he also changes weapon. His default weapon is the Buster Sword and the Ex Mode is him equipping the Ultima Weapon. When he is in his Advent Children outfit his Ex Mode is the First Tsurugi although the functionalities of the different Ex Modes and Bursts are pretty much the same.
  • When it comes to his Ex Burst, Cloud has the highest damage output provided that his HP is full and beyond the 9999 mark. In Dissidia 012 though, Gilgamesh surpasses him in this aspect.
  • In Dissidia when the player completes Shade Impulse IV with Cloud they get the Pretty Princess Set which is made up of the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, Member’s Card and Sexy Cologne. This is a reference to Cloud’s cross dressing portion in FF 7
  • When he is in his Advent Children outfit, Cloud glows a blue aura when he is using his HP Attacks which are his Limit Breaks from FF 7. This is an allusion as he glows blue in the Advent Children movie. Whereas when he is in his other outfits he glows orange as that is the color that he characters glow in the FF 7 game when they use their Limit Breaks.
  • There are several allusions and references to Zack Fair through Cloud in Dissidia. One of Cloud’s victory quote is “I’ll live your life for you” which is what he states after Zack died. Another victory quote is “I won’t be sleeping well tonight” is what Zack tells a Wutai soldier when they fight. The way Cloud uses Fire spells in the game is the same way Zack does it in Crisis Core. Then finally, Cloud states that Firion reminds him of a friend and how he tells Tidus that the Buster Sword is a memento and not much of a weapon.
  • In the ending scene where Squall asks Cloud to go on a mission next time is a reference to when Squall also asked him to fight together in Kingdom Hearts 2. Cloud’s response to Squall’s question in the ending “Not interested” is also what Cloud tells Barret in the early stages of FF 7.
  • In the same ending scene, Cloud is standing in a field of flowers which is reminiscent of Aeris’ flowers in the church.
  • Speaking of Aeris, when Cloud is traveling with Terra in the game, Terra comes off as Aeris as the two have similar traits. Both are half human and half of another race.
  • In the end of Cloud’s story in Dissidia 012, the last Gateway is Mount Gulg which is an allusion to FF 7’s Northern Crater being the final dungeon which are both mountains or volcanoes so to speak.

FF 13-2 Monster Paradigm Part 10

Let’s continue with the FF Philippine Portal’s FF 13-2 Monster Paradigm.
Breshan Bass
Role: Saboteur
Star Grade: 3
HP: 768
Stats: Strength (42) – Magic (81)
Elemental and Ailment Properties: Halves Ice / Weak to Fire and Lightning
Feral Link: Refreshing Rain
Location: Bresha Ruins -300 AF-
The Breshan Bass is a Terraquatics type enemy located in the Bresha Ruins -300 AF-. The Breshan Bass is one of the earliest Saboteurs that players can get and its Feral Link Refreshing Rain is heals the party’s HP. The Breshan Bass is also a good source of Deprotect and Deshell earlier on. Deprotect as well is good as not a lot of starting Saboteurs have it so players can just infuse it to other Saboteurs as well. It also has abilities like Imperi, Wound and Woundga.
Gancanagh Ace
Role: Synergist
Star Grade: 3
Stats: Strength (180) – Magic (350)
Elemental and Ailment Properties: Resists Wind / Halves Physical and Ice
Feral Link: Neo Goblin Rush
Location: Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown-
The Gancanagh Ace is a Goblin type enemy which is usually seen in the Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown- particularly in the Clearwater Marshes on a sunny day. Its Feral Link is Neo Goblin Rush which deals physical damage to a single target. The Gancanagh Ace is a Synergist that has abilities lying in the Faith side. It has all three Faith tier spells as well as EnFrost and EnAero. It also has Veil and Veilga. One other impressive feature that the Gancanagh Ace has is that it has good and very impressive base Strength and Magic stats. It is also ideal to infuse it with Bravery spells should you wish to use it for a long time.
Role: Medic
Star Grade: 3
HP: 1980
Stats: Strength (90) – Magic (150)
Elemental and Ailment Properties: Halves Ice / Weak to Lightning
Feral Link: Slurp
Location: The Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown-
The Caterchipillar is obtained in the Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown- and is a Nudibranch type enemy. The Caterchipillar is a bad Medic to be used in combat. It doesn’t have the higher tier Cure spells and its stat progression is very low even though it starts off with good stats as its base. Its saving grace is that it has passive abilities like Resist Elements +30% and its spell Esunada. These abilities can be infused with other monsters so that’s one good incentive for keeping the Caterchipillar. Its Feral Link is Slurp which deals physical damage to a single target and has the chance to cast a debuff on them.
We’ll continue with more of the FF Philippine Portal’s FF 13-2 Monster Paradigm next time.